About Us

Why Ashley?
What began as a furniture sales company in 1945 has since expanded to become the world’s largest furniture manufacturer in the world. There are now more than +945 Ashley Furniture HomeStores and 15 manufacturing and distribution facilities across the globe. Our products are sold by more than +6000 retail partners with over +20,000 storefronts in 155 countries, and our manufacturing and distribution facilities cover more than 17,000,000 sq. ft.


Stylish, Affordable Furnishings Created for You
Rooms are meant for living and dreaming. Helping you furnish your home inspires us in everything from designing collections and products around the latest trends to look for ways to reduce costs. Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, accessories and everything you can imagine for your home is in Ashley Furniture HomeStore.


Ashley Furniture has a large in-house team of designers. Designers who scour the globe in search of the latest trends. Ashley makes more than just furniture. Ashley lets you create spaces in every part of your home to match your life and lifestyle. Seating, tables, cabinets and wardrobes, accessories, beds, mattresses, and garden furniture.

Ashley Direct Prices
By using our designers, factories, distribution centers, and delivery service, we can reduce costs to provide the best quality furniture at the best prices. It all translates into the styles you want—always at a great price.


In addition to our in-house production, we also have five Quality Control laboratories. Our products, and packages are tested daily in one of our five Quality Control Laboratories. This guarantees the highest possible level of quality. Ashley Furniture supplies more than 8,000 items in home furnishings and decor. Thanks to the efficient production process, over 250,000 items are now manufactured every week. The advantages of production on this scale can be seen in the prices we offer to you.

This Ashley Furniture HomeStore website and stores are independently owned and locally operated by Partex Homestores Limited, holder of an Ashley license in Bangladesh. If you have any questions or inquires about these locations, you can contact us here.